WAN HAI LINES LTD. Safety and Environmental Protection Policy
WAN HAI LINES LTD. (the Company) is well known as a leading container shipping company. All of its shipboard operations and services are provided with a commitment to safety, reliability, energy efficiency, and pollution prevention. In order to fulfill social responsibility toward the environment, the Company implemented the following safety and environmental protection measures based on its managerial philosophies of full participation and business continuity:

  1. Compliance with relevant articles of the International Safety Management Code, international conventions and regulations, and any other environmental protection requirements signed and issued by the Company.
  2. Monitoring and modifying the extent of pollution and minimizing impact on the environment.
  3. Full implementation of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS), and establishment of an ISO Committee for periodic review of environmental protection performance.
  4. Integrating environmental protection and awareness concepts into the Company's everyday operations.
  5. Advocacy of resource recycling and energy saving to reduce waste.
  6. Requesting contractors and business partners to enhance environmental protection awareness. Joint observation of environmental protection regulations.
  7. Improving safety management skills of personnel onshore and aboard ships, including emergency preparations related to safety and environmental protection.

Annual Environmental Objective Management List For the year of 2016
Policy Objective Working Target Approach Duration
Efficient office energy saving and resources recycling Reduce
1.5 ton(s) CO2 emissions reduction in 2016 Promotion of energy saving module and set up office air conditioner temperature. Jan, 2016 ~ Dec, 2016
Better off Energy Utilizing on Marine air pollution prevention Reduce vessel Sox and CO2 emissions
* 7,500 ton(s) CO2 emissions reduction in 2016
1.Low sulfur fuel and conduct the changeover procedure while entering Western US and Hong Kong areas.
2.Adoption of energy-saving paint
3.Derating of ship's engines.
4.Main sea water frequency conversion control
Jan, 2016 ~ Dec, 2016
Paper Recycling Reduce
0.5 ton(s) CO2 emissions reduction in 2016 Raise 300 pieces of second-hand books from colleagues and hold the gift exchanging activity. Apr. 22, 2016
(Earth Day)
Annual Reduction Target: 7,552 tons of CO2 emissions